Land Lovers Nature Day Camp

Experiential nature based summer camp for children.View full post »

Giving Thanks (Mountain Ash Sauce)

High on my favorite mountain meadow in North Carolina there’s a series of boulders raised like plates on aView full post »

Trans-Gen Hen

Maybe Emily knew something when she dubbed one of our hens “Mister Catherine.” That was years ago, and theView full post »

Permaculture Principles

Reworking the Permaculture Principles Permaculture is a design strategy for creating regenerative culture in all ofView full post »

Pawpaw hunters

Ripe mulberries and loquats, tumbling plums, fat blackberries, chanterelles and wineberries in the mountains,View full post »

Wolf and Dog

A long long time ago this story is said to have been told by Aesop… A lean wolf nearly dead with hunger wanderedView full post »

A little eden

With trepidation we swung open the garden gate at our home in Columbia and took a wide-eyed look around. We’dView full post »

Morel Whisperer

“Beyond words. Just astounding..” ..I heard myself say while taking in the view of blooming forestView full post »

Searching for spring

 Spring in the mountains is a slower, more deliberate process. In Columbia SC, it always seemed to me that I went toView full post »

Copperhead bite

I wrote the following tale last summer. Somehow it escaped publication. So, though this cool February day on whichView full post »

A visit from the play fairies…

The sun set yesterday on the riotous howling laughter from the gaggle of kids in my sister’s side yard. They wereView full post »

Wood-fired bathtub

Six months deep into our experimental year living in the mountains of North Carolina, we’ve discovered theView full post »

Ordinary Ecstasy

As with any family, sometimes the days in our house are so long and heavy, I think I will crush with the weight ofView full post »

wild horses

This summer, in Beaufort, North Carolina we loaded into a motorboat headed to an island home only to unbrokenView full post »

Wood nettles, fox dreams

wood nettles, fox dreams. Slowing down enough to actually see anything is the hard part. Not to mention hear, feel,View full post »