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unassisted homebirth- my journey

unassisted home birth: my journey to healing matt’s sketch of me pregnant Three years ago today, I was squattingView full post »

Girls Rock Columbia!

“Girls Rock Columbia… is a one-week long day camp that exists to foster a community of girls ages 8-17View full post »

Healing Elderberry Syrup

A tale of elderberry syrup: A wild elderberry (Sambuca canadensis) bush we transplanted years ago to the gateway of ourView full post »

where there is light there is also darkness

Lest I be accused of polishing the already shiny moments of our time here in the mountains, I must be honest. WhereView full post »

omens of transformation

the magic wing Last weekend, I apprehended Lori and Jason’s car at the bottom of the drive and asked them whatView full post »

meaning in the mundane

Sitting on the front porch in the waning light, a phrase burbles forth unbidden from my small still voice: The veryView full post »

summer dreams

The fifth of July in Saluda,  NC saw the 51st annual Coon Dog Day parade march through downtown, a terrible trafficView full post »

without a name

Our little Morgan has slept so restlessly all his life. We don’t know why. We’ve been fuzzy, sleep-deprived impressionsView full post »

deep nourishment in wilderness: rewilding

Deep nourishment in wilderness: rewilding On my trip back from town after writing my last blog post, Phoenix greets me,View full post »