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Land Lovers Nature Day Camp

Experiential nature based summer camp for children.View full post »

Searching for spring

 Spring in the mountains is a slower, more deliberate process. In Columbia SC, it always seemed to me that I went toView full post »

Copperhead bite

I wrote the following tale last summer. Somehow it escaped publication. So, though this cool February day on whichView full post »

A visit from the play fairies…

The sun set yesterday on the riotous howling laughter from the gaggle of kids in my sister’s side yard. They wereView full post »

Ordinary Ecstasy

As with any family, sometimes the days in our house are so long and heavy, I think I will crush with the weight ofView full post »

All the wrong answers

picking the weeds This morning my daughters sat on the couch looking intently into the pages of a 1st grade workbook.View full post »

The man who planted trees

It was movie night yesterday, a once a week event at our house since we’re sort of psycho about TV watching.View full post »

Christmas: To tree or not to tree

emily mccravy photography Since before we had Sadie, our little family has struggled with the tradition of putting up aView full post »

Radical Homemakers

Last week, I realized my 20th high school reunion is coming up. Bubbly older versions of my classmates will approach meView full post »

NPR Article: Unschooling

NPR Article: Unschooling My husband happened to be getting out of the car and heard the tail end of a commercial for anView full post »

unassisted homebirth- my journey

unassisted home birth: my journey to healing matt’s sketch of me pregnant Three years ago today, I was squattingView full post »

Girls Rock Columbia!

“Girls Rock Columbia… is a one-week long day camp that exists to foster a community of girls ages 8-17View full post »

where there is light there is also darkness

Lest I be accused of polishing the already shiny moments of our time here in the mountains, I must be honest. WhereView full post »

summer dreams

The fifth of July in Saluda,  NC saw the 51st annual Coon Dog Day parade march through downtown, a terrible trafficView full post »