city roots blackberries!

Are you looking for some summer fun? City Roots blackberries are where it’s at!

city roots blackberries

Look no further than City Roots urban farm! The City Roots blackberries are rocking and rolling right now and ready to pick!

No need to worry about

  • pesky thorns; they grow a thornless variety.
  • nasty stuff that the fruit may have been grown with; city roots is certified organic

The kids were so excited to pick the first berries of the season. Needless to say, our little boy, Morgan,  picked many more unripe than ripe.

The moral of the story is: hop on over there and pick your own. Bring the kids,a sun hat and a fruit loving belly. Remember, only pick the super dark berries with no red anywhere on them or you’ll be in for quite a tart treat.

I’m not much of a super specific recipe giver but I will share my blackberry tart recipe suggestion with you. I promise it is super simple and dee-lish:

Caution- If you are a number lover and very precise, the following recipe may cause you pull your hair out. Proceed with care!

  • one cup sugar
  • one egg
  • one cup flour
  • some berries to fit in your pie pan 2 Cups probably.
  • smidge of salt
  • a splash of vanilla extract

Mix it all together and push it into a greased pie pan and create a crust. If it seems too dry, add a touch of water or milk. Put the berries on top. Put it into a 350 degree preheated oven. Cook for about 25 minutes checking every so often to see if the berries are turning into jelly looking glob.  Step outside your kitchen because it is proabably a million degrees in there by now. Chow down!

blackberries at city roots urban farmcity roots blackberriescity roots farm blackberries




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