Cob building workshop north carolina

cob building workshopcob workshop north carolina

We have shamefully neglected our precious blog over the past few weeks. The truth is we become so enraptured by our yard in these glorious days of spring that we cannot pry ourselves away from it long enough to write to you all about what’s going on. But today I must. Because the more that happens, the more overwhelming of a task it is to report.

As many of you already know I went to a week long intensive natural building workshop in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago. I gave myself the gift of learning how to build a small cob (clay, sand and wheatstraw)  structure. It was absolutely transformative.

Let me rewind a little to say that some of the first words out of my mouth when I started dating Matt twelve years ago were ” Look at this picture, I want to live in a house like that” while pointing to some tiny cob house in a natural building magazine. I have dreamed of the moment when the stars would align and I would finally mobilize and learn to build in cob. I have been to small workshops over the years but the kids have been really young and I have not taken the opportunity to go to an intensive natural building workshop until now.

I originally signed up for a two-week cob building workshop in North Carolina with another organization.  To make a long painful story short, it was a total fraud. I helped the original group of students, now dubbed “the cob kids” by our children, organize a totally new workshop with Greg Allen of Muddauber School after touring his site.

I want to share the promotional video I made for his school to give you a taste of what it was like to be there and to encourage you to take a class of your own there. What the video doesn’t show you however is walking without flashlights on wooded footpaths, laughing at dinner, washing our clothes in a washtub, and caring for each others bruised cobbers’ feet.  Having bonded through the horror of our first “workshop” experience together and deciding to stick together and truly make the best of it, we became a village if only for a week.

By the end of seven days, we had shlupped clay, gravel, sand, and miraculously built a tiny house with our hands and the material beneath our feet.


  • April 28, 2015 - 12:26 am

    Jeff and Jean Newby - We live in North Carolina but work out in North Dakota. We would like to attend a workshop on one of our home visits, scheduled for 6/16/15 to 6/21/15, or 7/17 to 7/22, or 8/17 to 8/22. Unfortunately my dates are not flexible. If you have any workshops during any of these times please let us know. Thanks, JeffReplyCancel

    • April 28, 2015 - 10:04 am

      admin - We are not running natural building workshops right now. I went to a school called mud dauber school of natural building in snow bank, nc.ReplyCancel

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