the deep forgetting

the deep forgettingWe are living a legacy of forgetting.

In choosing to forget, we forfeit our basic human rights.

to build our own shelter

to make our own music

to own our own ceremony

to be a living breathing part of our own world.

In choosing to forget, we become products not of our own unique seeds but the deep forgetting.  We are forgetting the  joy it brings to our collective heart to gather around a fire and tell our stories. How was the world made? How did we come to be here? In the deep forgetting, we embrace all other mythology but our own. Substituting things for being cared for by another human.  Where have we gone? Where will our children go? In the deep forgetting, we let ourselves believe that we stand alone- do not affect each other. do not need each other. We have allowed our minds, bodies and spirits to be colonized by the virus of forgetfulness. Where is the joy that we knew when we were young?  Why do we accept that it just seems to evaporate with age?

When the forest has been chased into the realm of the mythological quarantined with the dragon and the unicorn where will we turn? Where will we find deep stillness and align with our deeper purpose as humans?

We must have the fortitude to dance our sacred dance even in the face of mockery. We must have the determination to sing our sacred songs even as we are strangled.  We must birth what needs to be born from our hearts and souls. Our gifts, unique as fingerprints are unfolding within us. We need only  take the time to stop and listen.

We need more than television, schedules, billboards, shopping and traffic. We need soul stirring nourishing life affirming purpose and community.


the deep forgettingGiving birth to a new world is our duty- to dream a new future into being. Together, we can hold hands and take a leap of faith into a new reality. We don’t have to blindly accept what is happening.



Even as we sleep, our hearts (forgotten muscles) whisper to us. calling us to our one true life.

love, emily

  • September 1, 2014 - 11:50 pm

    holden - love this post’s picturesReplyCancel

  • September 2, 2014 - 10:33 pm

    Lori - Thank you, Emily, for your nourishing words, for reminding us with poetry sent from the universe through your heart. We the people need your earlier poetry in the Foraging Family archive.ReplyCancel

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