Make pine needle tea

howtomakepineneedletea-2How to make Pine Needle Tea:

It’s not often that we recognize the perfection of a moment as it unfolds.

Yet, as Matt, the children and I were in Northeast Columbia gathering persimmons for a presentation he is giving to some students at Heathwood Hall, I felt myself understanding the absolute beauty of the afternoon.  We lay in the sand feeling the spongy give of the brain moss while the kids frolicked at our feet printing makeshift tracks with the heels of their hands. This one is a giant deer. This one is a wooly mammoth! I had an intense feeling of animal-ness: a lioness with her cubs tumbling before her.

I felt that I needed to be nurtured on some fundamental level by something wild and sometimes, you just need to make pine needle tea.

1-After properly identifying your pine, collect a handful of young needles.

2-Cut them up.

3- Pour boiling water over them



howtomakepineneedleteaPine needle tea is reported to have 3 or 4 times the amount of vitamin C as a lemon and much more than a glass of orange juice. It is also high in Vitamin A.  Also, pine needle tea is good as an expectorant. A word of caution- some say not to brew the needles of Ponderosa or Norfolk pine.

Happy sipping.


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