South Carolina Permaculture

This March, with our inspiring colleagues, Nick Tittle and Mari Stuart, Matt and I are changing the landscape of SouthView full post »

I love vermont

I never suspected that Vermont would worm its way into my heart so easily. raspberries fresh produce a tiny handView full post »

sweet homestead dreams

“Ron and I are going to Maine on Wednesday and I was secretly hoping you would clear your calendar and comeView full post »

Facing the fear of the dark

Can you please turn the flashlight off ? I can’t go to sleep. Our little no-nonsense six year old who is on theView full post »

Sassafras tea

Sassafras tea Fall conjures in me a taste for sassafras tea. You can harvest sassafras roots anytime, but somehow thatView full post »

Urban Homesteading Classes, Columbia SC

Urban Homesteading Classes, Columbia SC! Thank you to our beloved friend and fellow local permaculturist, Mari StuartView full post »

NPR Article: Unschooling

NPR Article: Unschooling My husband happened to be getting out of the car and heard the tail end of a commercial for anView full post »

the deep forgetting

We are living a legacy of forgetting. In choosing to forget, we forfeit our basic human rights. to build our ownView full post »

Free Spirit

Some of us come of age with a sense that we’re maladjusted. We can’t seem to settle into the way things areView full post »

Pawpaws, Chanterelles and enchantment

Pawpaws are ready. pawpaw flower in spring Out there on wet forest banks along creeping black creeks and muddy riversView full post »

Loggerhead turtles: The wild in the everyday

Loggerhead Turtles: The wild in the everyday We need the wild in the everyday. We need it not just because it can beView full post »

unassisted homebirth- my journey

unassisted home birth: my journey to healing matt’s sketch of me pregnant Three years ago today, I was squattingView full post »

Girls Rock Columbia!

“Girls Rock Columbia… is a one-week long day camp that exists to foster a community of girls ages 8-17View full post »

Healing Elderberry Syrup

A tale of elderberry syrup: A wild elderberry (Sambuca canadensis) bush we transplanted years ago to the gateway of ourView full post »

where there is light there is also darkness

Lest I be accused of polishing the already shiny moments of our time here in the mountains, I must be honest. WhereView full post »