sweet homestead dreams

Ron and I are going to Maine on Wednesday and I was secretly hoping you would clear your calendar and come along.”Our friend Brandi announced at our weekly unschooling co-op.
Despite the fact that

-it is October with northern temperatures dropping

-that everyone who has any sense is going south
-that we haven’t planned one detail of the trip
-that all the state parks north of New York State are closed for camping  after Columbus Day
an insistent whisper in my heart would not be quelled.
You must go. You must.
Little did I know that while traveling North to see my beloved cousin and her family, I would spot an older couple walking the fence line of their property hand in hand their dog trotting contentedly beside them and some long smoldering dream would reignite inside my chest.  I stopped just short of pointing out the window with a determination reserved for cranky toddlers and shouting
” MINE!”
Something primal in that bucolic tableau stirred the deepest recesses of me- the desire to homestead began seeping beneath the doorjamb of the firmly shut closet of dreams.
For me and Matt,  this trip was a journey though the wreckage of the past to sift though the remains and decide what to bring forth to the future. Picking up the pieces of our lost selves. The parts of us that could dream with abandon.
Something is wiggling within the cocoon of our little family waiting to be born.


the foraging family

frederick, MD to see Ingrid, my cousin and her family

the foraging family

setting up camp in harriman state park, NY full disclosure- we froze our butts that night

the foraging family

trotting off to build birch bark fairy houses

the foraging family

Matt’s cousin, Tim’s Obercreek Farm in New York State

the foraging family

Obercreek’s gorgeous CSA veggies Tim gifted us

the foraging family

picking our Halloween pumpkin that we dutifully displayed outside our tent to keep morale high.

Whetstone Ledges Farm

Whetstone Ledges Farm’s raspberries

the foraging family

their farm stand

the foraging family

a sampling of deliciously local vermont food

whetstone ledge’s farm stand

morgan at dog mountain in vermont

dog mountain, VT

milkweed “wool” as phoenix calls it

chickens at McIndoe Falls Inn

double rainbow outside Portland, ME

horseneck beach, RI

manhattan (yes we are insane)

tame deer in Spruce Run State Park, NJ

heirloom squash at the Lion Potter, Gettysburg

sunset outside colonial williamsburg

colonial wheelbarrow



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