Wolf and Dog

A long long time ago this story is said to have been told by Aesop…

A lean wolf nearly dead with hunger wandered down from the hills and came upon a dog at the edge of a farm. As the wolf trotted closer, the farm dog, seeing that the wolf’s ribs were showing, said,”Ah cousin, how hard and irregular a life you’ve chosen. Don’t know where your next meal will come from, don’t know where you’ll sleep tonight. You should have been a working dog like me. I steadily work each day and know I will be fed by my master each night.”

The wolf saw the dog’s fat belly and said, “I would happily live that life if I knew of a farm I could work on.” The dog said, “This farm has plenty of work, and my master is always looking for more dogs who will attend to his commands. Come with me and I’ll take you to him. Surely he will let you share my work and set a food bowl for you next to mine.” 

The wolf followed the dog across the pastures toward the farm house and noticed a scarred hairless wound on the dog’s neck. “How did that happen?”, he asked. “Oh that”, said the dog, ” it’s nothing really. Just a spot that gets rubbed raw by the collar when my master chains me up at night. It hurts a bit, but you’ll soon get used to it.”

The wolf stopped, said, “Thank you and good day master’s dog” and turned again toward the hills….

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